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XL Peach, Yamanashi Prefecture 山梨県桃

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Super Sweet and Juicy!

XL Peach, Yamanashi Prefecture, 山梨県巨峰

In the coming season, a large amount of peaches will arrive in the market from Yamanashi Prefecture, which boasts the largest production of peach in Japan, the Goto region (Koshu City, Yamanashi City, Fuefuki City) is considered to be the production centre for high-quality peaches.
Although the price is higher than other production areas, it is highly evaluated by the market as a brand production.

Peach has already been cultivated in Yamanashi for about 200 years. Although it is easily affected by the weather, many new varieties have been developed in various parts of the prefecture, and Hikawa Hakuho and Kanoiwa Hakuto are discharged in the jurisdiction. There is a gentle slope, and the optimum conditions for the production of drainage, soil, mechanism, etc. are met.

The secret of freshness

Ripe peaches are harvested one by one while checking the redness and ripeness by hand. In order to keep the thighs fresh, the harvest is basically in the morning.

Country of origin: Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan